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Chimney Sweep

Virgo Chimney Sweep has been trained and assessed to use the Rodtech power sweeping system using the latest equipment, designed to give optimum sweeping performance especially for Woodstoves.

Use this link for advice on maintaining your stove


Power sweeping uses a spinning brush to clean the flue more effectively. The process also navigates bends more easily and the brush is softer, meaning less abrasion to flue linings. To watch a demonstration click power sweeping.


It is an established NACS approved sweeping process and overall provides a cleaner chimney sweep.



chimney sweep

Power sweeping gives a cleaner chimney sweep on wood stoves.

chimney sweep in wokingham

I use this chimney sweep system as a modern alternative to traditional brushes. Soot is an insulator, so a clean woodstove will be more efficient heating your home.

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